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Mars-One Round 3 Candidate. Engineer on the Open Hub development team at Black Duck Software. Family man, athlete, inventor
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New Feature: I Use This from Search Results Page

Our thanks to longtth for this suggestion in the Forums:”I think it would be very handy to have the “I use this” button directly on the search result page.” A few weeks ago we rolled out this feature on the … Continue reading

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That was not fun

The Open Hub is up and running again after a full day of being unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected downtime caused and want to share what we know about what happened. In brief; while performing a minor … Continue reading

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Open Hub in 2017

Hail Hubbites! We’d love to share some of the things that have been going on and will be going on here in Open Hub Land. We accomplished some very significant work in 2016 and would like to take a moment … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Select Our 2016 Open Source Rookies

Looking forward to this year’s Rookies and looking back at Rookies past This time of year is one of great anticipation at Black Duck. We are eagerly anticipating a very special delivery. A crew of helpers is busy putting together … Continue reading

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Update: We’re doing it!

Back-End Background Here’s a quick summary of the issue about which we will be talking: In mid-June, we moved off our bare-metal back-end crawlers into a virtualized environment. There were reasonable drivers and pressures pushing us to do this quickly and … Continue reading

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We’re doing it!

It’s happening!  We’ve started clean fetches of ALL of our repositories using the new SAN! For background, please see the Details on the Infrastructure blog post. We currently have 497K projects that have 592K distinct repositories that we are going to reprocess … Continue reading

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Details on the Infrastructure

In the blog post, Stepping Forward and Back, we mentioned that “we found additional complications with our new back end infrastructure.” We’d like to give you some more details about these complications. We are referring to an NFS mounted system … Continue reading

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Stepping Forward and Back

Today we have some good news and some less good news. On the positive side, we have pushed a number of fixes and improvements into production recently. One is that we have added a new “Add New Project” button to the … Continue reading

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Hey, Hey, Hey; What’s Happening Today?

Hail Hubbites! As we talked about in our Open Hub in 2016 post, we have recently made a major step forward in addressing significant infrastructure concerns. Down in the “More Infrastructure” section, we mentioned, “So we started an effort to … Continue reading

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Open Hub in 2016

Hail Hubbites! There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes at Open Hub Central with a steady stream of improvements rolling into production. We’d like to brag talk about them and also tell you what we have coming up … Continue reading

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