NOTICE: The journal feature has been discontinued. This API call is no longer available.



A Message record contains contains an individual entry from an Ohloh account “journal”.


idThe unique ID of the message.

accountThe login of the Ohloh account that generated this message. The uri attribute contains a link to the account itself. Note that the login is not the same as the account name. The login is used when you wish to tag a message with a particular account.

avatarThe uri attribute is a pointer to account avatar image.

created_atThe creation timestamp of this message.

bodyThe text of the message.

tagsA message can be optionally tagged with links to several accounts or projects. The <tags> element contains a collection of zero or more <account> and/or <project> elements, as defined below.

tags/accountThe element text contains an account login. The uri attribute is a link to the Ohloh account itself.

tags/projectThe element text contains a project name. The uri attribute is a link to the Ohloh project itself.


To get a single message:


Note that you must correctly specify both the account_id of the message author as well as the message_id.

Collection URL

To get a paginated list of messages created by a single account:


To get a paginated list of message tagged with a particular project:


The messages will be sorted with newest messages first.

Creating New Messages

If you provide OAuth credentials, you can post a new message on a user’s behalf:


Your POST must contain a form parameter called message[body] which contains the text of the new message. Messages are limited to 400 characters.