Tips for Good Project Matches

Ohloh uses project tags to determine relationships between projects.

These guidelines will help you get the best results when adding tags to a project:

Use a few, precise tags.

A large number of tags usually won’t improve project matches. Vague tags like “computer” and “software” are mostly ignored by our matching algorithm.

Use lower case.

All tags are required to use lower case only.

Avoid punctuation.

We allow some special characters, but your tags will be simpler if you avoid them.

Chooose the singular form of a noun.

Choose “database”, not “databases”, unless it’s clear that everyone else has settled on the plural.

Don’t use a language tag unless you mean it.

The Ohloh analysis system knows which languages were used to create each project, so don’t bother putting a “c++” tag on a project unless the project deals with C++ in a very particular way