Spammers: Check. Projects next. And Other Goodies.

Hail Open Hubbites! We’ve been working hard and focusedly over the past month and would like to share some updates. The first, and biggest news, is that we ended our offshore partnership at the end of September. There were a number of drivers for this, but the immediate impact is that we are currently a […]

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Raise your voice!

With the achievement of Making Our Back End Screamingly Fast, we are shifting the focus of our little team to more UI features. To learn more about you, our user community, we are asking for a few minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey. We opened the survey only a few days […]

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Four Months. 1/3 of a Year. About 123 Days Have Passed

Yeah, but it’s been only around 87 work days. On the other hand, we keep strange hours and are working regularly on Sunday morning to perform upgrades and improvements. We’ve done a lot and would like to share some things with you. At the end of May, we announced our FIS Ohloh Database Split (FODS) project […]

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About the FODS Architecture

Over the weekend starting on Friday, May 5, 2017, we deployed a significant upgrade to our architecture and we’d like to share some details. In The Beginning Above is a picture of our architecture before the weekend deployment.  We had four applications using the same database: FISbot — our Fetch, Import, SLOC bot Ohloh analysis — Project, […]

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Researching Project Security Data

This started with a message from the outstanding Marc Laporte about the Project Security Data for the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware project. Marc took what looks like a healthy amount of time to carefully document the discrepancies and areas of confusion around the security report. In kind, we’ve taken a deep dive into the data. The […]

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Open Hub Scheduled Downtime

There are two periods of scheduled downtime for the Open Hub over the next week or so. The first will start tomorrow, Friday, April 28, when Black Duck’s IT team starts a network update project in our production data center. There may be a series of service interruptions through this weekend. We do not expect […]

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New Feature: I Use This from Search Results Page

Our thanks to longtth for this suggestion in the Forums:”I think it would be very handy to have the “I use this” button directly on the search result page.” A few weeks ago we rolled out this feature on the Project Search Results page. The new feature is available with every search result and will […]

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That was not fun

The Open Hub is up and running again after a full day of being unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected downtime caused and want to share what we know about what happened. In brief; while performing a minor version upgrade of our PostgreSQL database from version 9.4 to 9.6, the upgrade process had […]

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Open Hub in 2017

Hail Hubbites! We’d love to share some of the things that have been going on and will be going on here in Open Hub Land. We accomplished some very significant work in 2016 and would like to take a moment to lay it out and then talk about what we’d like to accomplish in 2017. […]

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It’s Time to Select Our 2016 Open Source Rookies

Looking forward to this year’s Rookies and looking back at Rookies past This time of year is one of great anticipation at Black Duck. We are eagerly anticipating a very special delivery. A crew of helpers is busy putting together a list. It will be thoroughly checked and even checked twice. I wouldn’t say any […]

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