Jason’s Launch Notes

I was busy putting finishing touches on our app last week and didn’t put much too thought into what to expect from our launch. Obviously I was hoping for lots of traffic and interest, but wow – I really didn’t expect the suddenness of it all. While it’s gratifying to see people interested in our app, it’s also a testament to just how fast these little tubes that make up the Internet are (sorry, couldn’t help it!). Here are some of my impressions:


Our website is built on Ruby on Rails using an entirely open source stack (linux/postgres/lighttpd and a bunch of ruby gems). The fcgi’s became comatose with the initial slashdot effect on Monday (what a rude thing to do to a developer – slashdot at 6am?). After killing and restarting them, they’ve since held up problem free. The rest of the moving parts have thankfully been trouble free. What initially felt like a technology gamble (going with open source everything) has since proven to be a no-brainer.

User Feedback

I was completely blown away. The quantity and quality of people writing in has been a huge eye-opener for me. I’m still scratching my head in amazement at the thoughtful, insightful and voluminous mail we’ve received. It’s become a challenge to respond to all of them with the same amount of energy that the authors put into writing them, but so far I am keeping up and will try to maintain the pace. BTW, I respond to the product/web/general design questions.

Slashdot Feedback

I haven’t read the feedback thread yet (although friends couldn’t help giving me their summary: “dude – you got spanked for being ex-Microsoft!”). I’ll leave this topic for my next post.

Meanwhile, if you have blog topics you’d like us to write about or want to reach me directly, here’s my email: jason@ohloh.net.

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