A Few Stats of Interest

We love Google analytics. It’s lets you find out so much about who visits your site, what they look at, what got them to come to your site, what browser they’re using and so much more.

So here are some interesting stats for the last two weeks of July:
-heise.de, a German news aggregation and threaded discussion site, produced about the same number of referrals as Slashdot. And, indeed, we had almost as many German visitors as American ones. Go Germany!
-Also the Italian site, Punto Informatico generated a lot of traffic for us. Go Italy!
-The top browser was Firefox with about 65% of all visitors to our site using it, then Internet Explorer with about 25%, followed by Opera with 5%, Safari with 2.5% and Konqueror with about 2%.
-OSs looked like this. Windows at about 76% (about 85% of that XP, 10% 2000 and then a smattering of older Windows versions), Linux at about 17% and Mac at about 6%.
-Search engine use was pretty interesting, too. It seems that Google is the search engine of choice for our audience. Across all users Google was used 95% of the time, MSN 3% and Yahoo! 2%. And things don’t look too good for MSN at Microsoft either, since 88% of the searches coming from the microsoft.com domain used Google with only 12% using MSN search. That’s tough if you don’t have superior marketshare in your own company! The same cannot be said of Google and Yahoo! where 100% of the searches originating from those domains used their respective search engines.


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