Archive | December, 2006

New Open Source Services Coming Online

I read this post on Matt Asay’s Blog this weekend on a new company called SourceKibitzer that collects metrics on about 60 popular open source projects written in Java. This is great news for open source users, as there appears to be more services coming online that aim to make it easier for open source […]

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Source Code Systems & Quality

Robin and I have a recurring debate regarding projects without source control systems. But before I explain the debate, a little background is required (ok, skip the next 2 paragraphs if you must). Ohloh only offers development metrics to projects with openly-accessible source control systems. That way our analyses can go back in time and […]

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The GNOME Report

Periodically, I review the top Ohloh searches to see how we’re doing in terms of covering the projects people are most interested in. [Incidentally, last month’s top searches were for “linux”, “mozilla”, and “drupal”]. We’re doing pretty well, and have managed to cover almost all of the popular projects. One prominent omission is the GNOME […]

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