The GNOME Report

Periodically, I review the top Ohloh searches to see how we’re doing in terms of covering the projects people are most interested in. [Incidentally, last month’s top searches were for “linux”, “mozilla”, and “drupal”]. We’re doing pretty well, and have managed to cover almost all of the popular projects.

One prominent omission is the GNOME desktop environment. I thought it curious that no one had added it yet, so I quickly made a project page for it, and was happy to find that they have an easy-to-access CVS repository.

Then came the surprising news: the GNOME CVS repository has over 600 modules!

I found myself faced with the daunting task of manually entering 616 module names, and was completely unsure of which modules are really necessary, which are deprecated, which are duplicates, and which might better be counted as separate projects…. In other words, I needed an expert’s help.

Let’s get the ball rolling. This post is a call to action — if you’re involved with GNOME or have some idea how the code is laid out, drop us a line or start working on the project pages.

If it turns out that I really just need to add all 616 modules, well, I guess that’s what scripting languages were invented for 🙂

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