New Feature: Contributor Aliases

In response to numerous requests, we’re pleased to announce a new feature we call contributor aliases.

This feature allows you to join two or more different spellings of a developer’s name into a single preferred spelling. The merged names will then be represented as a single person in the Ohloh statistics report.

This feature is accessed under the ‘Edit’ tab on a project home page. From there, click on the ‘Aliases’ sub-menu to create or remove aliases.

Visit the discussion board with questions or feedback.

  • great addition, thanks!

  • Great feature! Great thought! Works like a charm ;).

  • bcannon (Brett Cannon)

    Kudos on the feature. Really handy for the projects (e.g., Python) who moved their entire repository over to svn and subsequently changed a lot of user accounts along the way.

  • Wells (Wells)

    Good stuff.

  • Woa. Very nice

  • it’d be very helpful if this could be shared among multiple projects. has quite a few projects with shared engineers. Trying to fill in alias tables for dozens of copies of nearly identical user lists is very painful.