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Code Search?

We added ‘suggest a feature’ last week . It’s an anonymous web form to suggest features to Ohloh. The response has been great – many to thank to all who’ve contributed ideas. I noticed some of the suggestions are requests for features Ohloh already supports. While it’s slightly frustrating to read, I very much appreciate […]

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My latest kudo explained

I just checked in the new Experience feature tonight (Ohloh now enables people to fill out their software development profile in a much richer way than before). To make sure the deployment went smoothly I snooped the database to watch for the first users to use the new functionality. The dubious honour of being the […]

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New! Account Widgets

As part of our effort to create more embeddable content, we’ve created widgets for accounts. Here’s a sample: The example is one of my widgets (no jokes about my lame stats please). We also have 2 other widgets, which are smaller. You can check out all the available badges by going to the account widgets […]

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