Code Search?

We added ‘suggest a feature’ last week . It’s an anonymous web form to suggest features to Ohloh. The response has been great – many to thank to all who’ve contributed ideas.

I noticed some of the suggestions are requests for features Ohloh already supports. While it’s slightly frustrating to read, I very much appreciate these suggestions. – it means we need to simplify these features.

In the category of suggestions of features we don’t yet support, I’ve been surprised how much I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the features mentioned. One recent idea, however, gave me pause. The feature was: “code search capabilities”. I’ve seen how a bunch of sites already do this: google code search, koders, codase, etc… This makes adding the feature less interesting for me – it’s already done. However the real reason for this post is that I don’t understand the value of code search. I code for a living so I figure I have some knowledge here. I grep my own source tree many times a day. However I fail to see the value of searching keywords in random source code.

With so many sites offering this functionality (and with the recent suggestion), I’m wondering: what is it, exactly, that I’m failing to “get” about code search?

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