My latest kudo explained

I just checked in the new Experience feature tonight (Ohloh now enables people to fill out their software development profile in a much richer way than before).

To make sure the deployment went smoothly I snooped the database to watch for the first users to use the new functionality. The dubious honour of being the first went to rafaelmizrahi. He’s apparently contributed to Mono (sweet!) and to…wait, what’s this? GuitarHeroNoid?

I was intrigued by that project’s title – so I followed the project link. Behold! A robot who’s only purpose is to play – no, let me rephrase – shred at Guitar Hero. Wow! I am humbled – what an awesome project.

As a reformed guitar hero junkie I was really impressed. It made me recall Terrence Parr’s quote (the ANTLR dude): “Why write something in five days that you can spend
five years automating?”.

This project has very little practical purpose – yet I can’t help admire just how cool it is. I didn’t know much about the team behind the project – GarageGeeks. I will definitely be checking them out in the future.

So here’s a well-earned Kudo to you, Rafael Mizrahi!

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