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New Feature: Stack Sandbox

The new stack sandbox lets you experiment with software stacks to get suggestions and metrics for entire collections of open source software projects. The stack sandbox is separate from your permanent account stack, and anyone can create a new sandbox any time. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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New Feature: Compare Projects

The new project comparison page lets you create charts comparing metrics for up to three different projects. You can create timelines for total lines of code, number of contributors, and number of commits. We welcome your feedback. Let us know if you have any problems or ideas for improvements!

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New Feature: Email Invites

Help your friends and colleagues find and claim their open source contributions. If you’re a registered Ohloh user and contributor to an open source project, we want your help. You probably have friends who also contributed to open source but haven’t claimed their contribution yet. If so, please invite them to join Ohloh. To make […]

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New Feature: Missing Repositories

Ohloh generates reports by crawling a project’s source code repository. The vast majority of open source projects make this publicly available. However there are some cases where they either don’t make it available or where they happen to use software that Ohloh doesn’t support yet. It’s now possible to indicate these distinctions for projects that […]

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New Feature: missing repositories.

I was shamed into writing a new feature today. Someone asked me why we didn’t have reports available for sendmail and eMule. The underlying reason is that these projects don’t appear to offer public access to their source code repositories. However, instead of disclosing this fact intelligently, Ohloh simply showed a blank report. I’ve now […]

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Wei?d Characters

I’m a little sheepish to admit that we had a really dumb bug in Ohloh. We had omitted to set the character-set in our html. The mechanics are mostly boring , but it simply meant that most non-english users had to suffer with strange characters in their names or posts. So why am I publicly […]

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