New Feature: Email Invites

Help your friends and colleagues find and claim their open source contributions. If you’re a registered Ohloh user and contributor to an open source project, we want your help. You probably have friends who also contributed to open source but haven’t claimed their contribution yet. If so, please invite them to join Ohloh. To make this easy for you, we’ve added a button on their contributor page which will send them an email with a link to click that’ll bring them to a page to create an account on Ohloh and then navigate them directly to the contribution you think is theirs.

As always, Ohloh will protect their email and yours. So the invite will come from us and does not divulge your email. We will link to your profile page in the mail, however.

The focus of this feature is to get more contributors to sign up. In the future, we may extend it to send invites to friends who aren’t contributors but would benefit from all the other value Ohloh brings to people in the open source world, like the project reports, project suggestions, similar users, and information links for project.

Please invite just people you know or with whom you’ve worked.

Thanks and of course, I’d love feedback on the feature.


PS Here’s a work-flow:

  1. Goto a project page, e.g. FireFox

  2. Click on Contributors in the top right.

  3. Click on a contributor you know, e.g. bzbarsky

  4. Click on the button that says, I know this person. Again, only if you know them please.

  5. Should be easy to use from here.

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