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The World’s Oldest Source Code Repositories

Most software doesn’t survive very long. The hard truth is that more than 80% of the open source software being written today will be forgotten in a few years. For those projects that do succeed and thrive, the developers typically decide at some point that they need a new source control system. For many reasons […]

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Notifications beta announcement

The first set of Ohloh email notifications is available. You may sign-up to receive email when someone responds to a forum post you made or when you get a new kudo. In the future, we plan to add notifications for a variety of things, for instance, changes to projects, particularly when a new download and […]

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Ohloh API Beta

The first release of the Ohloh API is now available. You can read the documentation and sign up on the API page. We’re releasing early to get as much feedback as possible. This is a very early beta with limited functionality. The API is a work in progress, and we will be actively expanding the […]

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Unique Project Names

By popular demand and practical necessity, project names must now be unique on Ohloh. We’ve gone through and removed all the duplicate listings, and we’ve renamed some projects. Feel free to choose a better name if your project has been renamed — but please, let’s not get into any battles over popular names. Let us […]

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Steady Progress Towards the Right Answer

I admit to being amazed when I take a peek at Alexa and compare our pageviews with other web sites that focus on open source software. To be sure we are nowhere near SourceForge, the grandaddy of all open source sites, but we are fast approaching or have surpassed the pageviews of FreshMeat, OSDir and […]

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Google Ads on Ohloh

We’re running an experiment to see how much money Google ads would generate for Ohloh. We’ll run them for a week or two and then decide whether to continue. This is a somewhat touchy issue – help us get it right. Leave us feedback on how you feel about it.

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New Service Idea

We’re in the midst of designing a new ohloh service. We’d like to discuss it with some qualified people. If you run a moderately-sized open source project, I’d like to chat with you about it (email or phone). Contact me directly at Thanks!

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An Ohloh API is coming

One of the most difficult challenges of running Ohloh is deciding which, among the plethora of great ideas, to implement next. You (our community) are continually suggesting very interesting ideas – as well as requesting reasonable bug fixes. With our current resources, I figure we could spend the next year just working on the stuff […]

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Social Networking is NotWorking

As a coder by profession, I think I’m not alone when I say that I don’t see the appeal in using most social networks. They require lots of input (who are you? what do you do? where do you work? what do you like? who are your friends? don’t you have more friends – please […]

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Ohloh Interviews Stefan Küng

Stefan Küng is one of Ohloh’s top kudo’d open source contributors. He is the driving force behind TortoiseSVN – a wildly successful Subversion GUI. We thought it’d be interesting to learn a little more about him and his open source work. We reached him where he lives, in Altstätten, Switzerland How did you get started […]

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