More Project Widgets

We just released more project widgets. Here’s an example for Firefox. Feel free to embed to your heart’s content.

We’ll likely focus on account-related widgets next. We’re thinking of widgets that show your stack, for example. More suggestions are always welcome.

  • Hi Jason, they all look good. The only problem I’m having is they don’t display in Opera. Opera’s error console says “Linked script not loaded”. I think maybe it is being classified as a potential cross-site scripting exploit?

  • I think you should move the name of the project (e.g. Mozilla Firefox) to the top and make it more prominent in the new metrics-related widgets. Otherwise it’s not clear what projects the figures refer to (especially if users embed widgets from more projects in the same page). Keeping last update information at a small size on the bottom sounds reasonable.

  • These look really great. How about makeing a lighter color version of the smallest one?

  • What about vertical ones for blog’s sides bars?

    I think it could be a could idea 😉