Privacy and KudoRank

I’ve been engaged in an interesting discussion on another blog.

Initially there was an assertion that Ohloh violates FOSS developers’ privacy.

I (and others) responded with the following basic arguments:
1. Transparency is one of the strengths of FOSS.
2. This is publicly available information that people publish freely on the Internet.
2. If you don’t want to reveal your activities on the Internet then don’t attach specific personal information to your contributions such as your name.
3. Ohloh and every other participant in the Internet community has the privilege of free speech insomuch as we can comment upon or analyze publicly available information.

But it became increasingly clear that the discussion was not only about privacy but about being compared to other FOSS developers. This brings up an interesting point. Should Ohloh supply a KudoRank only for users that have registered on Ohloh and discontinue KudoRank for non-registered aliases on specific projects?

I would love to get comments on the KudoRank issue as well as the privacy issue.

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