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Human Project Urls

You can now specify a human-readable url name for any project. Say goodbye to and say hello to Names are reserved on a first-come basis, but we will manually adjust it if people squat well-known names. Use the ‘edit project summary’ option in the sidebar to change it. Finally, for obvious reasons, we […]

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Ohloh In The Wild

We’ve been seeing more Ohloh widgets in the wild lately. Here’s a few examples: Rock Your Hackers Facebook App Rock Your Hackers allows you to praise, promote, and in no uncertain terms shout for joy about your favorite free and open source software projects (FOSS) and then share your “Hack List” with your friends (and […]

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IRC vs Jabber Chat Groups

Someone joined our spanking new IRC channel last night (#ohloh on and alerted me to jabber chat groups. They offer similar functionality to IRC: you can reserve a ‘well-known group name’ (for example: and offers basic moderator controls. The benefit, to me at least, is that this integrates much better with IM clients. […]

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Join us on IRC!

By popular demand, we’ve created an IRC channel. Come join us on in #ohloh. Feel free to discuss ohcount-related stuff (including GSOC 2008 proposals), ohloh website problems or ideas, or just drop by to heckle us for the fun of it. See y’all there!

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Default Project Logos

Small feature update: we’ve added default pre-rendered choices for editing project logos. This way small projects that don’t have an awesome logo (yet!) can still identify themselves graphically. Here’s what the form looks like [note: requires login]. We realize the current choices are not complete enough – and that’s where you fit in. Use this […]

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Google Summer of Code 2008

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected as a mentoring organization for Google’s 2008 Summer of Code program. Are you interested in parsers, source code analysis and/or software development metrics? Then apply now!. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to shed light on open source software development. Successful contributions will be […]

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Vote for the next feature

With the redesign done, we’re going to start focusing on adding some of the ‘missing-features’ that we’d always planned to have – but hadn’t got around to doing yet. We know there’s a backlog of back-end features to implement – which we continue to work on. Better importing, more source control systems support, etc.. – […]

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Project Logos

You can now add a custom logo to your projects on Ohloh. While not earth-shattering, it’s a small feature that adds a much-needed touch of personality to our project-related web pages. Now for the more tedious part: we need to populate our considerable list of projects with their respective logos. To help out in this […]

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Line Count Improvements: C vs C++

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of patches to Ohcount, the tool we use to count lines of code. This has been really exciting for us, and we’re very thankful to the contributors who’ve been helping us fix bugs and add new languages. Historically, Ohloh has never distinguished between C and C++. We simply lumped […]

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New Open Source Directory

Woke up to interesting news today: GigaOm launched a new open source directory called OStatic. I took a look around the site and found it interesting. It’s definitely a great initial launch for a website – very polished for a 1.0 release. Congrats! While they are appear to be a mix of a blog and […]

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