Ohloh Classifieds

A few weeks ago we quietly launched Ohloh classifieds. The goal was to be able to make a little money for ourselves (we gotta eat) and to help folks make a little money from their open source efforts.

We have two categories of classifieds:
-Services: If you provide services for an open source project or projects, you can list yourself or your company for free. The purpose is to give folks a little more exposure than they might otherwise get on their own sites.
-Jobs: If you’re looking to hire somebody, we’re looking to help you. This service costs $75 and the listing will run for three months.
All listings will rotate as small placements on our project report pages.

One last thing, if you would like to run Ohloh classifieds on your site, you can do that. Contact us at info@ohloh.net and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Follow the link to find out more about Ohloh Classifieds

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