Ohloh API now supports OAuth

We’re pleased to announce that Ohloh now supports the OAuth standard authentication protocol when using the Ohloh API.

This means that you can now authorize third party applications to read and write to the Ohloh website on your behalf.

This enables a whole new range of applications that interface with Ohloh. For instance, developers can now create tools to remotely create new journal entries.

There have been a few accompanying changes to the Ohloh API.

Developers are no longer limited to a single, personal API key. In fact, we now encourage developers to get a unique API key for every distinct application that they write. This enables end users to assign OAuth permissions to particular applications.

All Ohloh users will now see a new “Authorizations” tab on their account page, which will allow you to manage any applications that have been authorized to access your account.

We’ll be happy to assist developers learn to interface to the Ohloh API with OAuth. We’re also interested in expanding our API in the future to allow new types of applications, so let us know if there are new API features you’d like to see.

If you have any questions you can post in our forums or send us mail at info@ohloh.net.

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