Source License Detector Released

Ever since our launch we’ve received a very common type of request: “what file did you detect X license in?”. We’d then run our license detector manually and email back the results. This was, clearly, jackassery sub-optimal.

I finally got an email from Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson last week that pushed me over the edge.

I’ve ported our license detector to ohcount, so you can now run this against any code you like.

Given the amazing adoption (and patch submissions) ohcount’s gotten so far, I’m really excited to see where the community will help drive this feature.

One last thing: this enables anyone to augment our detector to find any license they want on ohloh itself. Our editable open source license list has grown to 186 licenses so far – unfortunately the license detector tool didn’t keep up. That’s now fixable, by you. So… where’s you patch? 😉

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