Google Code And Ohloh Gadgets – A Yummy Flavor!

We’ve got 2 exciting announcements regarding Google Code and Ohloh.

Ohloh Gadgets

Firstly, as announced on Google Code’s Blog, you can now embed Gadgets in your Google Code Wiki – and, more specifically, Ohloh Widgets. Ohloh Widgets are a great way to enhance your project community. Here’s some gadget examples for CakePHP:

Development Stats


Code Calculator

We even have some gadgets to enhance your own developer profile (here’s an example of Linus Torvalds):

Ohloh profile for Linus.Torvalds

How to add your own gadgets

Find or Add your Ohloh project page. Then, follow the “Widgets” link in the “General” sidebar section. From there you can pick which gadget you’d like.

Google Code indexed on Ohloh.

Secondly, we’re happy to announce a long overdue change to Ohloh’s project coverage. We’re enhancing our community’s contributions with an automated crawler to help keep Ohloh up-to-date with the world’s open source projects. We’ve naturally kicked off this effort by indexing Google Code’s extensive list of open source projects.

Our indexer works in tandem with our community – and only serves to augment the community’s input – not replace it. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more info.

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