Introducing Mercurial Support Beta

We’re pleased to announce that project tracking for Mercurial repositories is now available in a limited beta trial.

We invite you to submit small Mercurial repositories to Ohloh, and to please contact us with any problems you encounter.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. There’s no support for branching yet. For now, we process only the default branch.

  2. Please be kind. If your project seems to not be processing properly, drop us a line and help us investigate.

Additionally, Ohloh’s source control management library is now available to the open source community under the GPL. You can find the source code online at The Chaw, and also at GitHub.

The Chaw is a new source code hosting, wiki, and ticket tracking site powered by CakePHP. It will be the new home for the Ohloh SCM library.

We welcome community contributions to help improve the Ohloh SCM library, and look forward to supporting more source control systems in the future!

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