Ohloh Migration

Ohloh is migrating to a new datacenter over the next few weeks. During the migration, we expect some impact on the website:

  • Project updates might be delayed.
  • We might be slow when responding to support requests, e.g. questions about why a project report is delayed or different than what’s expected.
  • The website will be read-only near the end of the migration. We’ll do this when we synchronize the information stored in our current Postgres database with the new datacenter. During this period, logins will be disallowed and the Ohloh API will be disabled. We hope to keep this portion of the migration to less than 2 days. Everything about the site that doesn’t require login, browsing project information, developer contributions, etc., should be available during this period.

A major benefit to being purchased by SourceForge, now Geeknet, is access to a well-funded hardware budget and an experienced operations team. After the migration, Ohloh should be able to analyze more open source projects and update your projects more often.

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