Thank you for holding

We hope the hold music was not too annoying. When we last left you Ohloh was moving into a new data center provided by our new parent, SourceForge. We have been happily running there for several months.

Right now the two big pain points seem to be failing enlistments and spam. While we believe these issues to be a never ending fight, our plan is to give you better access to the tools that manage these features. Hopefully then, you can help yourself and we can go back to improving the service.

Internally, we have had some staff changes, with the previous Ohloh team moving on to new projects, leaving myself and Patrick Lenz, of freshmeat fame, to handle all of the tasks. Our support structure is not setup to manage an open source project right now, so opening the code will not be much use in the short term.

In other news, you may have noticed that SourceForge started offering a new downloads service, We have seen some excellent progress and are currently serving millions of downloads every day. With that in mind, we will be discontinuing the Ohloh downloads service in favor of the more powerful SourceForge downloads. We will set the EOL for Ohloh downloads to Oct 1, so please take this time to make the transition. The analytics and mirror network on are certainly worth the effort to move.

Thank you for your patience through these changes. We truly hope to continue providing a valuable service for open source software and we still welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to improve.

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