What you need to know about Ohloh’s upcoming data center migration

Update 12/4/2010 We’ve completed the migration. Users can log in once again. For more information, check out our migration completed post.

As we’ve previously mentioned, we plan to move Ohloh’s hardware to Black Duck’s IT infrastructure starting on the evening of Friday, December 3, as part of the acquisition from GeekNet.

Once Ohloh is physically in our IT infrastructure, we can begin making regular improvements to the site via our agile processes. This data center migration is our first major step towards our vision of incorporating Koders and the Black Duck KnowledgeBase into Ohloh.

During the migration, Ohloh will become “read-only” until we finish the data migration. This means that logging in will be temporary unavailable during the migration. We expect users to be able to login starting Saturday morning, December 4. There will also be a delay in crawling existing repositories as we setup the infrastructure in our IT data center.

Everything else with Ohloh will work as expected, for example browsing projects, people, forum posts, and so forth.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Why is Ohloh’s data center being migrated?

In order to make regular updates to Ohloh, from features to bug fixes, we need Ohloh’s hardware to be within Black Duck’s IT infrastructure.

When does the migration start?

We plan to start the migration on Friday, December 3 at 8pm EST (GMT-5), when traffic times are expected to be at their lowest.

Can I still visit Ohloh.net during the migration? (Yes you can!)

Yes! The site will remain online during the entire migration. However, we will prevent access to any functionality that requires you to login to avoid any potential loss of data.

Why won’t I be able to login?

In order to migrate all Ohloh’s data into our IT data center, we have to first stop collecting any new data, and then move the existing data into our new data center. Once the existing data is setup in our IT data center, we’ll be able to start collecting new data. Once this happens, we’ll allow users to login again.

How will I know if the migration is in process if I happen to visit Ohloh during this time?

We will display a notice at the top of every Ohloh page that lets visitors know about the migration, the read-only mode, and where to go for more information or assistance.

Additionally, we’ll post updates to the Ohloh blog, forums, and homepage when the migration starts and the expected completion time.

When will I be able to login again?

We expect users to be able to login to Ohloh the morning of Saturday, December 4. When logging in becomes available, you will see the login link reappear in the upper-right on the homepage, and the migration notice will be taken down.

Additionally, we will announce on the blog, forums, and on the homepage when users can login again.

When will Ohloh start crawling repositories again?

We expect to start crawling repositories again on Sunday, December 5, once we’re finished with the migration and have re-enabled logins.

It’s important to note that Ohloh will be roughly a couple of days behind on crawling repositories due to the read-only state of the database. Fortunately, we have new hardware to help speed up the crawling process moving forward.

How are enlistments affected by the migration?

Users will be able to add new enlistments once we re-enable logins. However, similar to the repository-crawling mentioned previously, there will be a delay in processing those enlistment requests.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your enlistment requests, please contact us at info@ohloh.net

Will the Ohloh APIs be affected?

The Ohloh APIs will be functioning normally during the migration.

Who can I contact if I need help?

Always feel free to drop us a line anytime for any reason at info@ohloh.net. This email address will be the best place to reach us during the migration.

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