Announcing our first updates to Ohloh!

Yesterday, we deployed our first updates to Ohloh!

Over the weekend, we finished moving the Ohloh hardware to Black Duck’s IT infrastructure (photos below!), allowing us to make frequent updates moving forward. Today is the first of these updates.

Issues addressed

One of our top priorities is to improve the quality of Ohloh’s data. In this deployment, we’ve made the following updates to the Ohloh codebase:

  • Deployed new administrative tools that will help us fix many more enlistments
  • Increased the number of user stacks to 30 (previously 10)
  • Increased the limit of projects per user to 200 (previously 50)
  • Fixed a number of bugs to improve performance

Moving forward

Please stay tuned to this blog for more information as we continue to make improvements to Ohloh.

Migration photos

A few photos from the migration last weekend…

Ohloh servers with a black duck

Web crawlers packed and ready to go

Road Trip!!

  • Finally, all of my projects’ enlistments are back on track. To be honest, I never cared to ask for support of this again and again. But hopefully this will be fixed for good now.

    Thanks Black Duck.

  • Phew, I was afraid we (portableapps) would lose our -40,000 lines of code! 😉

    Even if what’s being done doesn’t include the two main things I want done (fixing that and pulling this), it’s very good to see something happening with Ohloh. A pleasant change from towards the end of the previous owners’ stay. Keep it up!

  • “What is a Stack?” panel in “MyStacks” still states “You can have up to 10 stacks.”. Rather confusing.

  • @Andrey Thanks for catching that! I’ll make sure we update the text in an upcoming deployment.