Ohloh’s Data Center Migration Completed!

We’ve completed migrating Ohloh’s hardware to Black Duck’s IT infrastructure. Users can now login to the site.

Please note that we are currently setting up Ohloh’s automated web crawlers, so Ohloh is a few days behind crawling the web due to the migration. Fortunately, we have new hardware for our web crawlers that we expect to help speed up crawling.

Users will still be able to add enlistments, but there will be a delay in processing those enlistment requests while our web crawlers get caught up.

For those of you who use the Jabber integration feature, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

If you’ve encountered any issues or have any questions, please let us know at info@ohloh.net or contact me directly at sford at blackducksoftware dot com.

  • Congratulation!!!

  • During the migration, it appears you lost all of our package to download for our project (Mach-II). Any chance of restoring them?

    If not, we’re going to move off of OhLoh — we’ve had too many problems with hosting packages with you. They go missing or unavailable to download for periods of times.

  • @Peter I’m sorry for the troubles. The download service was originally scheduled to be discontinued on October 1, as announced at https://www.ohloh.net/announcements/long-overdue-update

    It is recommended that projects use https://sf.net/downloads as their hosting service moving forward.

    I was under the impression that all projects using the download service were notified about the discontinuation prior to Oct 1. I should have double-checking with project owners prior to our data center migration.

    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.


  • @Sara, thanks for the information but we did not receive any notification. I just checked with everbody on our 8 person team and nobody has any emails.

    If it was going to be discontinued, why was there no notice in the admin side? It would been seen there…for example Google Groups is discontinuing their pages feature. They gave 4 months notice plus a warning at the top of the each view in pages.

    Downloads and cocomo are the only feature that we use at ohloh so it saddens me to see it go. Thanks for the suggestion re: SF it’s just more time to switch everything over to there.

  • @Peter Hi Peter, I completely agree with you that an update on the admin page months in advance would have had higher visibility.

    Moving forward, we’ll continue to follow the model we used for making announcements about the migration, by posting to forums, to blog/announcements, and putting a display notification on top of the relevant pages to make sure everyone is aware of major changes as appropriate, e.g. where major functionality is being discontinued.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  • @Sara, that’s a good idea. Lots of OSS project use a lot of third-party infrastructure. Here’s a short list for us:

    • Codesion for Trac / SVN
    • Private hosting for website
    • Posterous for blogging
    • Google Groups for mailing lists
    • Basecamp for internal team planning
    • SourceForge for downloads and tracking
    • Twitter for social
    • Identi.ca for social
    • Facebook for social

    As you can see, there is a lot of “providers” to keep up with. So kudos for decided to make things higher viability by adding statements on relevant pages.

  • Jabber integration seems to be down right now…

  • amujumdar (Abhay Mujumdar)

    @federico – Jabber integration is up again.