Our second set of updates are live

Today, we deployed our latest updates to Ohloh.

A significant portion of our time this Sprint was spent setting up internal staging servers and reallocating machines from the migration. This was also my first full end-to-end Sprint as the Product Manager. Good times!

Issues Addressed

  • Fixing more enlistments
  • More performance improvements
  • Correctly indicate which contributors are inactive on a project, as suggested
  • Users experiences (on profile page) are now sorted by recent commits, as suggested

On Deck

One of the ways we can improve the quality of Ohloh’s data is to allow developers/users to specify which directories Ohloh should ignore in doing code analysis.

You can check out our proposed solution to see what our current thinking is and to let us know your thoughts about our approach.

  • Great to see some long-awaited improvements happen! I’m confident that Ohloh is in good hands with Black Duck.

  • ismael (Ismael Luceno)

    It would be nice if we could sync the journal with a rss feed (to use with twitter/statusnet/blogs)… and project’s description with a web page (e.g. wiki).

    It would be a lot easier to use that way.

  • @Ismael agreed, I need to spend some time thinking about how we can best update the journal feature to work alongside twitter/blogs/fb/etc.

    What do you mean by “a project’s description with a web page/wiki?”

  • jcollum (jcollum)

    This service really really needs some OpenId. I’m so tired of having to create a new user for every little thing on the web I want to use.

  • @jcollum I hear ya. It’s high on my list of priorities. Thanks for the feedback!

  • @Sara Ford: Please consider carefully before deploying OpenID. See https://productblog.37signals.com/products/2011/01/well-be-retiring-our-support-of-openid-on-may-1.html and the pages linked from there. And a few quick searches turn up more where that comes from.

  • @Josh Thanks for the links. Yes, I read Rob’s post about his experiences using OpenID on StackOverview.

    I should clarify that it is high on my list to figure out how to lower the barrier to entry to participate on the site, but I’m not sure what the actual implementation looks like yet. I’m open to suggestions.

  • ismael (Ismael Luceno)

    @Sara most wikis let you export the page in plain-text, which could be used to fill the description…