Latest Updates To Ignoring Files and Directories

Ignoring Files and Directories

Yes, the one and only add support to ignore directories request has been implemented!

On the Enlistments page for a project, you’ll see the “Choose files to ignore” link for each enlistment.

This will bring you to the Ignore Files page, where you can specify which files and directories to ignore.

Ignore Directories

For example, to ignore specific directories, you can use

 # Some commonly excluded paths
 Disallow: lib/
 Disallow: tools/

And for specific files, you can use

 # Some random files from this repository
 Disallow: 7zSD.sfx

We have more examples and tips located on the Ignore Files page.

Choosing which files to ignore must be done with the Ohloh web interface. In the past, we were looking into supporting a robots.txt file in the source code itself. We felt that this behavior wouldn’t be as popular as simple web entry. If you have any reasons why you would want to use a .ohloh file over the web interface, please let us know.

Rescheduling failed jobs

We’ve made improvements on how Ohloh automatically retries enlistments if something goes wrong the first time, which we believe will reduce the overall number of stuck enlistments.

Forum improvements

We’ve spent some time this sprint working on improving the user experience on the forums.

Updates include:
– Ability to mark a forum thread as closed. This will make it easier for us to track support issues and reduce noise for others if the thread goes off-track.
– Moved the forums search box to the top of the page for greater discoverability and ease of use
– Moved the navigation bar to bottom for improved usability when browsing
– “https://” links are now automatically hyperlinked without the need of markup (yeah!)
– Added previous and next links to the top of posts to increase readability in the forums
– Email notifications for forum posts now show entire content of posts

User reported issues

We’ve also fixed a user reported issue from

  • One notable reason to support putting ignore directives in a file in the repository itself rather than via the Ohloh web interface: a file can change over time to match the files in the repository. So, for instance, you could add a new subdirectory that needs to get ignored together with the changes to the file in the repository that Ohloh looks at. And if later the subdirectory should stop getting ignored, you can change the file and Ohloh could stop ignoring it only at or after that commit.

  • I think this would be better built into ohcount; this way it becomes an automatic filter list without the need of macros or similar. I sometimes use ohcount on my own machine for line counting, if I had things I needed to ignore (which I don’t at present) I would always need to specify them. If it just checked for a file .ohcount (I’d prefer that to .ohloh, it’s more specific and precise) or .ohignore (probably better still) always, it could be useful locally as well as on Perhaps it could be permitted recursively, also.

    For those who don’t want to or can’t add such a file, the ability to specify or override it on would be valuable.

    Then also I’d prefer the syntax used in .hgignore which is in my opinion easier to understand (familiarity), and is definitely more powerful; for example, its glob syntax mode permits a *.c line which will make it not consider any files with the extension c. When you have both the glob and regexp syntaxes, it becomes considerably more useful than the trivial rules that robots.txt supports.

  • vslavik (Vaclav Slavik)

    Too bad it’s broken… I added ignores for part of WinSparkle’s tree and all of sudden, line count went NEGATIVE, language misdetected, development cost zero.

  • @Vaclav Hi, I’m sorry for the trouble with your project. It looks like your project was not yet updated by the negative line count issue we fixed last Sprint. We’ve recalculated your project statistics and everything is working properly now. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.


  • somi-shah (somi-shah)

    Hey Vaclav!!!

    Have you any harsh aur problem with writer of this article???
    Its simply very informative for all of thoso who have such sense to understand…

  • nicolas-17 (nicolas-17)

    I’d like a whitelist in addition to a blacklist. I want a project to count only one subdirectory inside a git repository.

  • Hi Sarah!

    Thank you for this improvement.

    Ohcount already ignores SVN externals, right?


    M 😉

  • Riffat Yasmin

    Hey Vaclav!!!

     Ohcount already ignores SVN externals.You are tremendously improved in a better way

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