Latest Updates to Project Statistics and Line Counts

We’re excited to announce in this deployment that we’ve corrected the root cause for projects to have negative line counts. For those unfamiliar with this negative line count issue, Ohloh was reporting a negative number for the number of lines of code for certain projects. The issue would be similar to a book on Amazon having a negative page count, which isn’t possible.

We are currently in the process of recounting all projects affected by the negative line count to recalculate their statistics. We will keep you posted as we make progress on the recount. At this time, we have finished recounting the following projects: NumPy, Mono, and Castle.

Next, we’ve fixed several user-reported issues, as indicated below. We encourage everyone to use the Technical Support Forums to report issues.

User-reported bugs fixed:
– We now support the lp: syntax in bazaar (e.g. lp:Ubuntu).
– Improved Ohcount to handle files that have no extension
– Fixed a bug in Ohloh_scm code that wasn’t correctly escaping a certain command line execution

Additionally, as mentioned in previous blog posts, we are continuing to make progress on our internal investigations on the ignoring directories requests.

Lastly, we’re discontinuing our Jabber support in order to invest more time in fixing the data quality issues. Based on our logs, an extremely small number of users have been using an IM client to post updates to journals. In the meantime, we are investigating ways to update the journal feature to work better with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites so users can receive timely updates regarding projects.

Thanks again everyone for your patience as we address these data quality issues, and please keep your feedback coming!

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