Sprint 6 Deployment (17 Feb 2011)

Today we deployed our latest updates to Ohloh.

New Features

  • The add support to ignore directories request has been implemented. On the Enlistments page for a project, you’ll see the “Choose files to ignore” link for each enlistment.

  • We’ve made improvements on how Ohloh automatically retries enlistments if something goes wrong the first time, which we believe will reduce the overall number of stuck enlistments.

Forum updates

  • Ability to mark a forum thread as closed. This will make it easier for us to track support issues and reduce noise for others if the thread goes off-track.
  • Moved the forums search box to the top of the page for greater discoverability and ease of use
  • Moved the navigation bar to bottom for improved usability when browsing
  • “http://” links are now automatically hyperlinked without the need of markup (yeah!)
  • Added previous and next links to the top of posts to increase readability in the forums
  • Email notifications for forum posts now show entire content of posts

Issues addressed

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