New Feature: Compare Projects

We’re excited to announce our next major feature enhancement to Ohloh. In this deployment, you can now compare projects in a detailed side-by-side view, giving you the information you need to decide which open source project is right for your needs.

Compare Projects

The new compare projects feature is found at Tools – Compare Projects. In addition, regular visitors to Ohloh will notice a new and improved Tools page.

Enter the full project name in the input box to automatically generate the data in the table. It is important to enter the full project name via the suggestion box, so Ohloh knows exactly which project you are referring to.Comparing Projects jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, and YUI

View the entire comparison for jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, and YUI.

We also recommend checking out the following comparisons of these popular open source projects:

Web Servers: Apache HTTPD, nginx, lighttpd

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Konqueror

Deployment management: Capistrano, Fabric

More deployment and configuration management: Chef, Puppet, cfengine



We’re very interested in your feedback with the new compare projects feature, so please let us know what you like, don’t like, what’s confusing, and what could be added to make it even better!

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