Browse Projects by Tags and Compare Projects from project directory

In our latest deployment of Ohloh, we’ve added two new features: browsing projects by tags and selecting which projects to compare in the project directory.

Browse by Tags

On the project directory, there’s the option to go to the tag cloud to view the top 100 most used tags. You can click on a tag, e.g. “java”, to view all the projects tagged with java and to view the related tags for those projects.

Under the Related Tags list, you can click on an additional tag, e.g. “games”, to drill down into all the projects tagged with both tags, e.g “java” and “games.” To move back up the stack, simply click a tag under Selected Tags to remove from the list.

Browse Projects by Tags

Select projects to compare from Project Directory

You’ll now see a checkbox near the “I use this” button for the project directory search results and in the new tag cloud filter results. Check the Compare checkbox to add project to the compare projects list. Once selected, a menu bar will appear at the top of the page indicating which projects you’ve selected. Project selections will remain until you remove them from either the menu bar or the compare projects page. Click the Compare button to go directly to the compare projects page at any time. You can select up to three projects.

You can also add projects from the Similar Projects page e.g. Firefox Similar Projects to the compare projects table.

Select Projects To Compare from Project Directory

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