Updates To People Pages and People Directory

In continuing the theme of updating the most visited pages on Ohloh, this sprint focused on updating people pages and the people directory.

Updates to People Directory

Although Ohloh has always shown two different types of results in the People directory (members versus contributors), the distinction may not have been clear.

  1. A member, such as Stefan Küng, is someone who has created a profile on Ohloh.

  2. A contributor, such as “zeljic”, is an unclaimed source code contribution. Ohloh uses the name found in the SCM log.

People Directory

We’d like contributors to create Ohloh profiles. To encourage this, we’ve made the distinction clearer who has a profile and who has an unclaimed contribution in the list. There are also links to “Claim This Contribution” or send an “Invite To Join” next to these unclaimed contributors.

Updates to People Profile pages

The most noticeable difference to the People Profile pages (i.e. an Ohloh member’s profile) is the Contributions graph. This graph now shows the same timeframe for all projects without the splice in the middle, meaning you can quickly scan to see when a person switched from one project to another or worked on multiple projects at the same time.

Profile Page

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