Commit Volume and Commit Highlights

Commit Volume

In software development, it is important to know how much each developer is contributing to the project. This is commonly referred to as the “bus factor” number, namely how many developers can “leave the project” (e.g. finding a new job, having a baby, winning the lottery, or getting hit by a bus – hence the term) before the project falls into chaos or doesn’t compete on time. The lower the number, the greater the risk.

Putting this theory into practice, Ohloh now shows the percentages of who is doing the majority of the work for a project. In the case of Ohcount, the project Ohloh uses to parses a code base to determine its contents, you can see that Robin does the majority of the work.

Commit Volume Graph for Ohcount

You can find the Commit Volume Graph on any project’s Code Analysis page, e.g. Ohcount Code Analysis page.

Commit Highlights

Over the past several deployments, we’ve been working on highlighting certain commits of significant importance, which include

  • The project is using a new language
  • A new committer joined the project (made their first commit)
  • A project is no longer dormant (a new commit has been detected after a period of inactivity)
  • The project received a large commit, which could imply new features or a new release

We show these highlights on the project page, below the Code Analysis graph. You can see all highlights on the Project – Highlights page. Below is an image from the Node.js project.

Recent Commit Highlights

Note: Highlights are for new commits moving forward, meaning we will analyze all new commits for any such highlights from the point we first introduced the feature last month.

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