New Homepage and Widgets

Ever since I joined the Ohloh team, I’ve wanted to update the homepage. But first, I felt we needed to provide great features and improve functionality for our users before working on “look and feel” aspects of the site.

Now nearly a year into Ohloh’s development here, I feel the time was right to showcase these new features.

Go to homepage!


Although the homepage is self-explanatory, there are a few items I wish to call out:


Data Ticker

We call out the follow stats:

  • Number of open source projects we track
  • Number of source control repositories we track
  • Number of lines of code we track – 15 Billion(!)
  • Number of open source contributions – 1 Million(!)

Rotating Panel

Here we showcase our most popular features:

  • Review Ohloh’s code analysis reports
  • Compare projects side-by-side to make educated decisions
  • Discover how much each developer is contributing to a project
  • And compare up to 93(!) different languages

Most Popular/Active

The bottom section of the new homepage shows which projects get the most commits recently, who has been the most active contributor recently, and what projects Ohloh users have report using, where recently = past 30 days.

New Widgets

As with the new homepage, we’ve made some updates to other aspects of the site’s look and feel, including widgets.

For example, the new slim “I Use It” project widget. see all

I Use It widget

And the new Tiny widget for People. see all

Ohloh Profile widget

Moving forward

We’re really excited with our new homepage. It was a team (and extended team) effort. But if you have suggestions for improvements for the homepage, widgets, or any other aspect of the site, please let us know!

  • To tell the truth, I like old logo more, why the change?
    Also, there is an issue with search box display (I’m on Linux with Firefox 8.0): scope combo is larger in height than the input field.

    And what does this orange color in menu mean exactly? Are you acquired by some Dutch company or sth? 🙂

  • How can we turn off the black borders around the languages and stats widgets? They have made our homepage ugly. We tried overriding the CSS with:

    div.gadget { border: 0 }

    but it doesn’t work.

  • ateslik, try adding !important to the declaration.

    EDIT: Ah, I see the problem now, those class definitions are gone.

  • Great updates!

    As for the new widgets, I find that I have to set the width to 360px manually, as it doesn’t seem to adjust its width on its own.

  • Every site must regularly work on identity improvements, that’s the rule of web. Go for it!