Successes and Transitions

One year ago, Ohloh came under our stewardship. Since then we have made a non-stop series of investments in and improvements to the site.

One of the key investments was building a great team: Abhay, Jared, Rob, Robin, Sara, and Thila. The core team, and those who have helped them, have accomplished a lot.

Here’s a recap of the improvements to Ohloh over the last year:

One member of the team will, regrettably, be moving on. Sara has decided to return to school in January to pursue a master’s degree in Human Factors at San Jose State University. We wish her the best, and thank her for helping to set Ohloh on a good course.

Happily, Ohloh’s new Product and Community Manager will join the team in a few weeks; we’ll announce that shortly.

As for the coming year, we have some great plans ahead. Please stay tuned.

  • Congrats! There have been massive improvements indeed.

    It’s a pleasure to use and it’s a great contribution to the FOSS community.

    Best regards,

    M 😉