Tag – You’re It! The Sequel…

Based on feedback and an analysis of tag counts, we’ve decided to increase the number of allowed tags per project to 20, up from 13 in our initial plan. On all of Ohloh, only 670 projects have more than 20 tags – a little more than 0.1% of the total. Yes, some well-known and famous projects will have to trim their tag list but we believe this will focus people’s thinking on choosing the most essential characteristics to tag.

It has been a great discussion about tagging, folks! You’ve certainly helped the Ohloh team think about the pros and cons of limiting the number of tags. We’ve also thought a lot about how to improve tagging and reduce the temptation to overload the tag feature, and we’re planning to address some of this feedback with new features coming down the road.

You’ll see the new interface with the 20 tag limit in a sprint deployment coming soon. Keep the comments coming – we really are listening, and we’re eager to incorporate the community’s feedback.

About Rich Sands

I’m the Principal and Founder of RSands Consulting, a developer/FOSS strategy, product management, and marketing consultancy. Formerly Ohloh’s PM, Black Duck is now a client of mine.

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