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Open Data and Ohloh

Ohloh is diving into the open data world! Read more about our new license, and imagine the possibilities!

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Ohloh Code search

Ohloh + Code = Ohloh Code

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if you could immediately browse the code of your favorite Ohloh project?  Search for a particular method?  And see the handy Ohloh commit and LOC information… get this… IN THE SAME PLACE? Many (wonderful) folks out there have been searching open source code for […]

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Sprint 38 Deployment (18 July 2012)

In this release: Ohloh Code – fast, syntax-aware code search across all of FOSS, integrated with Ohloh project data. Ohloh Open Data Initiative – Ohloh data is now Creative Commons licensed. Tweet (Twitter) and Like (FaceBook) buttons on project pages. Follow (Twitter) button near login and join links in topmost heading bar. Bug fixes.

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The New Project Pages – How and Why

Redesigning Ohloh’s project pages has been an adventure in compromise. Making it work for newbies and seasoned veterans, contributors and users alike hasn’t been easy. Read more about the design goals and process, and then check it out!

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Sprint 37 Deployment (10 July 2012)

In this deployment: NEW Project Page design, removed license detector, improved tagging, and new Ohloh home page.

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Sprint 36 Deployment (28 June 2012)

In this deployment: Bug fixes.

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Ohloh the Beautiful

A patriotic sing-along for U.S. Independence Day!

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Join us at OSCON! FOSS by the Numbers Hack-a-thon

Going to OSCON? Passionate about data? Then you’ll enjoy our BoF, co-hosted by Rich Sands, Product Manager of Ohloh, and Donnie Berkholz, resident data nerd at RedMonk. See you there!

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