Ohloh + Code = Ohloh Code

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if you could immediately browse the code of your favorite Ohloh project?  Search for a particular method?  And see the handy Ohloh commit and LOC information… get this… IN THE SAME PLACE?

Many (wonderful) folks out there have been searching open source code for years at Koders.com.  But… Koders.com was lacking an automated way to let these same folks add and update projects, and also didn’t provide a way for searchers to understand the code’s upbringing, per its parent project.

Well, we’ve put (banged, ouch!) our heads together and decided to bring it all together.  Wah-lah!

Ohloh audience, welcome to Ohloh Code (beta).  The latest addition to Ohloh.


Search for a method that checks if the browser is Chrome.Useful search result for checking to see if the browser is Chrome.



Code searchers, welcome to Ohloh.  The latest addition to open source code search.


Firebug's link from Ohloh code to Ohloh analyticsThe Firebug project page on Ohloh


From Ohloh Code’s code search results, you can see a brief summary of the Ohloh project analytics.  From there, connect over to find out more about the community behind that code.

The Ohloh Code search database is populated and updated from a new, automated integration with Ohloh’s project list. We’ve rebuilt the code search engine (also available for private code search: Code Sight) as an upgrade from Koders.com.  We’ve migrated the entire code base from .NET to Java (our team’s language of choice).

We’ve also enhanced the technology along the way, including:

  • Scalability for indexing and searching 10+ BLOCs (3x the amount of Koders.com)
  • Self-service project code additions and updates through user input on Ohloh.net
  • Support for multiple code locations per project
  • De-duplication of identical files in a project, with pointers to multiple occurrences of a file across branches or versions
  • Filtering/faceting of search results
  • Smoother UI design for search users
  • Syntax highlighting for 10 new languages (43 total) including users’ requests for XML, OCaml, Haskell, F#
  • Improved ranking of search results with relevant snippets for the matched files
  • Other users’ requests, including preservation of the underscore in search queries

To sum up…

Ohloh (ohloh.net) + Ohloh Code (code.ohloh.net) = our vision to create the most comprehensive and free resource for developers to find and explore open source projects and code.

See our FAQs.  Tell us what you think.  We can’t wait to hear!


About Susie Bily

I’m the product manager for Code Sight, the search engine for Ohloh Code, at Black Duck Software.

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