Ohloh + Code = Ohloh Code

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if you could immediately browse the code of your favorite Ohloh project?  Search for a particular method?  And see the handy Ohloh commit and LOC information… get this… IN THE SAME PLACE?

Many (wonderful) folks out there have been searching open source code for years at Koders.com.  But… Koders.com was lacking an automated way to let these same folks add and update projects, and also didn’t provide a way for searchers to understand the code’s upbringing, per its parent project.

Well, we’ve put (banged, ouch!) our heads together and decided to bring it all together.  Wah-lah!

Ohloh audience, welcome to Ohloh Code (beta).  The latest addition to Ohloh.


Search for a method that checks if the browser is Chrome.Useful search result for checking to see if the browser is Chrome.



Code searchers, welcome to Ohloh.  The latest addition to open source code search.


Firebug's link from Ohloh code to Ohloh analyticsThe Firebug project page on Ohloh


From Ohloh Code’s code search results, you can see a brief summary of the Ohloh project analytics.  From there, connect over to find out more about the community behind that code.

The Ohloh Code search database is populated and updated from a new, automated integration with Ohloh’s project list. We’ve rebuilt the code search engine (also available for private code search: Code Sight) as an upgrade from Koders.com.  We’ve migrated the entire code base from .NET to Java (our team’s language of choice).

We’ve also enhanced the technology along the way, including:

  • Scalability for indexing and searching 10+ BLOCs (3x the amount of Koders.com)
  • Self-service project code additions and updates through user input on Ohloh.net
  • Support for multiple code locations per project
  • De-duplication of identical files in a project, with pointers to multiple occurrences of a file across branches or versions
  • Filtering/faceting of search results
  • Smoother UI design for search users
  • Syntax highlighting for 10 new languages (43 total) including users’ requests for XML, OCaml, Haskell, F#
  • Improved ranking of search results with relevant snippets for the matched files
  • Other users’ requests, including preservation of the underscore in search queries

To sum up…

Ohloh (ohloh.net) + Ohloh Code (code.ohloh.net) = our vision to create the most comprehensive and free resource for developers to find and explore open source projects and code.

See our FAQs.  Tell us what you think.  We can’t wait to hear!


About Susie Bily

I’m the product manager for Code Sight, the search engine for Ohloh Code, at Black Duck Software.
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  • Now that’s really huge! Kudos to everyone involved!

  • Evan

    Awesome in theory, but it has the same (crippling, at least for me) flaw as koders.com:  underscores result in multiple tokens.  Actually, AFAICT underscores simply get converted to space (they show up as spaces in the search box on the results page).  It’s really difficult to find useful results for C.

    That said, once (if?) that issue gets resolved I will finally have a replacement for Google Code Search, which makes be very very happy.

    • Hi Evan.

      Thank you for your comment.

      If there is an exact match for a query with underscores, ohloh code will rank them higher than those that it found by matching parts it tokenized based on underscore. Meaning, the results for a query with underscore will show you matches with underscores higher in the list.

      Would you mind sharing what queries that you gave did not meet your expectation about underscores being kept intact ? As an example of how how ohloh code prioritizes underscores, have a look at the results you see by clicking this URL: 


      That link shows you results for query “open_socket” (without quotes) and is filtered for C language. All the results you see in the page show matches on “open_socket” (with underscores). Also, compare the results with the results shown here: https://code.ohloh.net/search?s=open_socket&browser=Default&pp=0&fl=C&mp=1&ml=0&me=1&md=1&ff=1&filterChecked=true

      .. that shows the result for the query (“open socket” — without quotes, without underscore) which is different from the earlier result for the query with underscore.You can also eliminate matches based on tokenizaton by putting your queries around quotes. For example: 


      .. that shows result for query “open_socket” (with quotes), the results you see on the first page is very similar to that you see in the query without the quotes, but you see few results now as the “fuzzy matches” have been eliminated.

      Another, example of how ohloh code works great for searching / navigating C code can be seen by using the “File View Page”. For example, the following URL


      shows you a C source file. Click on words with underscores in the file, and you’ll see you get the results with underscores top in the result.

      I hope this helps a bit to explain the improvements we did on ohloh code related to underscores in names.

      Thank you.

      • Dolmen

         At least the highlighting in the result should be fixed: in your “open_socket” search results only “open” is highlighted.

        • We’ll put this in our pipeline of improvements. Thanks for the reminder.

          • Lanoxx

            It has been three years. But it seems this is still not fixed.

          • You’ve caught us during a transition period. We are building an improved and updated code search feature that will be available in the Open Hub in a few months. However, development and maintenance on the current code search application has been halted. We’d like to ask your patience as we complete development and roll out a more compelling offering.

  • John Oberhauser

    Yes, on paper and on the mind it sounds like a winner but when put into practice it seems there are some significant problems. Way to be thinking outside of the box though.

    • Susie Bily

      Hi John! please do elaborate. We’d love to improve!

  • It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this since I tried Koders in preparation for (or was it response to?) the Google Code Search shutdown, since I remembered that Black Duck had acquired Ohloh long before, and was frankly astonished that the two hadn’t already been integrated, given how pathetic Koders’ facilities for dealing with projects were. (Google’s weren’t great either, but they were at least usable.)

    • Guest

      Thank you, Sam.

  • Lee Martie

    Hi, I was wondering if OpenHub Code does any boosting on class and/or method names?