Open Data and Ohloh

CLS12 Saturday Session Grid

CLS12 Saturday Session Grid

PORTLAND, OR: The Community Leadership Summit is an unconference organized by Jono Bacon, author of The Art of Community, and manager of the Ubuntu community. Jono has been organizing this event for several years to happen the weekend prior to OSCON, and it has become famous as a great opportunity for some really smart, savvy folks in the FOSS world to come together and learn from each other. CLS is loosely organized about what it takes to shepherd some of the most potent developer communities on earth. It is about helping to channel the energy of the FOSS movement for positive change and building awesome software.

At CLS, I saw such a hunger for data! FOSS community people are into metrics, analysis and measurement, because data is vital to understanding the opportunities in building communities, projects, organizations, and use cases for FOSS. And open data was a topic of interest to many at the conference, because what rights we have to use data makes all the difference, just as with code. Open data is a resource that fires the imaginations of creative people like those I engaged with at CLS. With open data, the FOSS world can gain new insights, invent new and exciting uses, and leverage this knowledge to engage developers and empower communities.

So we’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that Ohloh is diving into the open data world.¬†As of now, Ohloh data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License!

This is a huge step forward for Ohloh, and we hope, a huge contribution to FOSS. By licensing the Ohloh data freely, we think that we’ll help power even more innovation and insight, as projects and developers understand their code and communities better.

We know you’ll have questions – we’ve got answers here in our FAQ. And please read and understand the Ohloh site’s new Terms Of Use, which together with the new copyright license are intended to give you significantly more freedom to access and use the site.

We’re listening! Please let us know what you think, and share with us any ideas you have for making our Open Data Initiative a success!

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I’m the Principal and Founder of RSands Consulting, a developer/FOSS strategy, product management, and marketing consultancy. Formerly Ohloh’s PM, Black Duck is now a client of mine.

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