Ohloh – 2012 in Review

The beginning of the year provides a great opportunity to acknowledge the terrific work done by the Ohloh team in 2012.  Here’s a recap of the accomplishments:

I’d like to thank the Ohloh team – Abhay, Amar, Ben, Jared, Nithya, Paddy, Peter, Ramya, Rich, Robin, Sathish, Sathosh, and Thila – and the Ohloh Code team – Anuj, Kaj, Joe, Krishna, Matt, Mike, Mike Jr., Mugdha, Nitin, Pooja, Scott, Sushil, and Susie.  These individuals, and those in supporting roles who helped them, made it happen!

And thank you, as always, to all of our users and supporters!

As for the coming year, we have some great plans ahead. Please stay tuned.

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