Congratulations to the 2012 Black Duck Open Source Rookies!

2012 Rookies EmblemIt’s been another great year for new open source projects. Over the past month we’ve used Ohloh to sift through all the new projects started in 2012 looking for the top 10 stand-outs to honor as 2012 Black Duck Open Source Rookies.

While we are excited to name our top 10 for 2012, and we also know that there are so many other great projects that are making an impact on so many other parts of the world. We also recognize that many other projects that may have started before 2012 have gained critical mass in 2012 and are also becoming an important part of the open source landscape. So, at the same time as we offer congratulations to those who made our list this year (check it out below), we also share great respect for all the other important projects who are contributing significantly to the open source community.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees and to all those developers devoted to creating awesome new open source projects!

2012 Honorees

  • Ansible – Ansible is a radically simple configuration management, deployment, and ad-hoc task execution tool.
  • Chaplin js – Chaplin.js is an architecture for JavaScript applications using the Backbone.js library. It provides a lightweight and flexible structure that features well-proven design patterns and best practices.
  • GPUImage –GPUImage framework is an iOS library that lets you apply GPU-accelerated filters and other effects to images, live camera video, and movies.
  • Hammer.js – Hammer.js is a JavaScript library for multi-touch gestures, enabling gestures for the web on mobile devices.
  • InaSAFE – InaSAFE produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities.
  • Sidekiq – Sidekiq provides simple, efficient message processing for Ruby.
  • Syte – Syte is a simple but powerful packaged personal site that has social integrations for Twitter, GitHub, Tumblr, WordPress, Stack Overflow and more.
  • Twitter Bower – Twitter Bower is a package manager for the web that lets you easily install assets such as images, CSS and JS, and manages dependencies for you.
  • TypeScript – TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development, providing a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
  • Yahoo! Mojito – Yahoo! Mojito is a JavaScript MVC framework for mobile and web applications running on client and server.
  • DCPUToolChain – [Honorable Mention] DCPUToolChain is an assembler, compiler, emulator and Integrated Development Environment for the DCPU-16 virtual CPU.

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