Release of March 13, 2013

We released some new functionality and fixes today on  Included in todays release are:

  • Improved synchronization of the Project Activity Level indicator with the underlying values for consistent sorting by PAI
  • An improvement to the Lines of Code display to show a consistent 3 significant digits
  • Fixes for widgets:
    • Ensure we are opening widget links in a new tab or page
    • Fixes for IE8 display of widgets
  • Internal fixes for handling long-running queries
  • Clean up of license names, abbreviations and text

Meanwhile, we are working on two big ticket items.  The first is an upgrade of our database from Postgres 8.4 to Postgres 9.2.  We’re really excited by this because it sets up so much work we are looking forward to doing.  Things like restructuring our data models for faster analysis (Did you know that one particular Language analysis can take over four days to run?) and changes that will improve website performance.  The second is a series of improvements to the Person Pages: Improved UI, nifty graphs, fabulous navigation.  These should start rolling out in a few weeks and continue through the Spring.

Thanks as always for being part of the Ohloh community!

About Peter Degen-Portnoy

Mars-One Round 3 Candidate. Engineer on the Open Hub development team at Black Duck Software. Family man, athlete, inventor

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