Announcing Ohloh Badges!

The Ohloh team is delighted to announce the release of a new feature on Ohloh: Badges!!

On the Person Summary Page, Badges are presented in two rows

This is the first release of a planned series where we will be adding more different types of badges and provide ways to trumpet your badges.  We’re getting started with 7 new badges and a re-designed Kudos Badge.  You can read about the different types in our About Badges page.  Those little orange dots?  We refer to those as “pips” — they are the levels for the badges and are displayed in Base 2.  Hehe.  We really liked that.

We wanted to be able to award different types of recognition to the Ohloh and FOSS community.  It was important to us to be able to be generous in awarding badges, to find things that were meaningful and try to set things up so the badges would be interesting and awarding the badges would be fair.  Of course, in an open platform, such as Ohloh, it’s always a concern that some folks will try to manipulate the system in order to earn badges.  We hope that there won’t be many folks like that and that the outstanding Ohloh community will continue to be vigilant.

On other Person pages, Badges are displayed in a single row

The first badges are very much centered around managing things on Ohloh. Our community has been absolutely fantastic in contributing to the completeness and accuracy of data on Ohloh. We wanted to find a way to recognize those unsung contributors who, like Marc, have put effort – sometimes considerable effort – into making Ohloh better. Because we keep detailed edit logs, it was straightforward to award badges for edits done in the past, which you see displayed on the site now. We give out badges for editing project descriptions (The Describer Badge), editing tag lists (The Taxonomist Badge),  maintaining repository information (The Repo Man/Woman Badge) and declaring the projects you use by building stacks (The Stacker Badge). We also acknowledge those who manage a project or an organization (The Big Cheese and Org Man Badges).  For the FOSS contributor, we award the FOSSer badge, acknowledging one’s contributions to different open source projects.

At this point we have some three dozen different badges planned. Some will be straight-forward for us to roll out, others will require some additional work on our part before we can award the badges.

We hope that you like this new feature and will provide your feedback and suggestions.

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