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We, at Ohloh, are very proud to introduce a complete re-vamp of Ohloh’s people pages, bringing Ohloh’s analytical power to bear in showcasing your contributions, your skills, knowledge, and experience, and your passion for the projects and communities in which you participate. Lets dive in and have a look (here’s a link to an example profile)!

New AvatarWe wanted to make your profile summary page a one-stop overview of your FOSS experience and contributions starting with your avatar and heading. The first thing you’ll notice is that your avatar now has a color bar that highlights the language in which you’ve demonstrated the most experience in your FOSS contributions. Each language has its own color found across the site – wherever possible, the same colors that GitHub is using. Now, when someone sees your avatar on the site, they instantly see your core language experience.

Just under your name are some links to your location and contact information (no email!) with your kudo rank on the right. Below and on the left is a short biographical description that you provide and a display of the FOSS you use – the projects you’ve stacked on Ohloh. On the right, you’ll find a brand new at-a-glance statistics block with your top language, how longProfile summary you’ve been contributing, your latest efforts and how broadly you participate in projects and organizations. It is your FOSS cred at a glance, shining a proud light on your participation, whether you’re an occasional contributor or one of the superstars of the FOSS development world.

In the center of your summary page are two dynamic visualizations of your contributions over time that give anyone visiting your profile an instant view of the last 7 years of your contributions. First, a stacked-bar graph of your project contributions, showing both the projects you’ve poured your energy into, and those to which you’ve made more focused contributions. Click the legend to turn projects off and on in the visualization to gain an overview of everything or zoom in on projeDevelopment historyct specifics. Below that, our newest visualization – a stream graph of your language experience over time, so that someone viewing your profile can instantly see how your programming language experience has grown and changed over the same seven year time span. This stream graph is a great visualization of the relative contribution of the component languages to your technical experience, showing how over time your focus has evolved in conjunction with the projects you’ve worked on in the upper bar graph. The overall width of the graph corresponds to the total of all your commits, but the stream graph’s visually arresting color streams give instant insight into your technical growth and focus over time. Hover over the graph’s individual color streams to highlight specific languages.

If you click the headings on the project contributions bar-chart and the languages stream graph, you’ll dive into detail views of all your project contributions and language contributions, respectively. The project detail page shows contributions for every project you have worked on so be sure to claim them all if you haven’t yet! Projects are sorted by recency of last commit, back to the first commits Ohloh has analyzed for each of these projects, so what you’re doing now is at the top, but anyone can see the full range of your interests. Click the individual project links to view your efforts in the overall context of a project, or scan through the project list and see how your FOSS engagement has evolved over time.

Language experience

The languages detail page highlights your full language stream graph back to your first claimed FOSS commits, not just the most recent 7 years. Below the stream graph is a table expanding on your language experience. Here is where Ohloh’s deep analysis, covering the whole range of your FOSS experience across multiple projects and forges can demonstrate through hard evidence that you’re a polyglot language generalist, or hugely experienced and focused on a small set of languages and technologies.

As with our update to the project pages and the new Organizations feature, we’ve designed a new layout that is more modern and flexible. We’ve got a lot of ideas for making people pages even more valuable, but as with everything Ohloh, this site is devoted to you! So tell us what you think, let us know what works and what could be improved, and use the new people pages to better understand the developers that make all this awesome software a reality. And of course – share your new profile to highlight your FOSS contributions!

About Abhay Mujumdar

Engineering manager for Ohloh at Black Duck Software.

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