API documentation and examples are now on GitHub

Ohloh launched its public API in 2007. Since then, developers have used the API to build applications and integrations, sites have used the APIs as a window into Ohloh data, universities have used the APIs to gather data for research, and industry analysts have used the data via the APIs for understanding trends in open source. The API is an excellent mechanism to access data made available through Ohloh’s Open Data Initiative.

While we authored the Java, Ruby, and Shell examples, three examples were provided by the Ohloh community: C++ by Lars Wesselius, Perl by Yanick Champoux and Python by Thijs Triemstra. Thank you so much!

But up to now there was no way for developers to directly participate in fixing and enhancing the API documentation and examples. An Ohloh user recently pointed out that our Ruby example was dated, and suggested that we publish our API documentation and examples to GitHub in order to enable our community to make improvements directly. So we did. Today, we are moving Ohloh API documentation and examples to GitHub. Go ahead, use them and contribute your suggestions and changes back. Thanks!

Ohloh API documentation and examples.

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