February 19, 2014 New Deploy

Ola Ohloh!  We are very pleased to announce a new deployment today with some bug fixes, new features and UI updates!

We have updated our new, cleaner look that was deployed a few weeks ago by making the side gutters a shade of gray.  This helped us clean up the layout of the entire site so it looks tons better on mobile devices.

We also added a new default treatment for how we display projects that have not set a project logo.  Projects with out a logo got the “null logo” treatment — an empty, gray box.

Old Null Logo Treatment

“Null” Logos used to have an empty, gray box

We saw that we could give you more information about a project by showing you the first letter of the project to help connect the null logo to the project and show you the color of the projects primary language.

New Null Logo Treatment

“Null” Logos now show the projects primary language

New to the Explore Projects page, in the Hot Projects section, is a language selector so you can filter the hot projects by your favorite language!

Filter by Language

Filter Hot Projects by Language

This is really cool with the new default logos!  Filter by your favorite language and see the Hot Projects without logos all show the color of that primary language!

Many thanks to the outstanding Ohloh team members!  It is a real pleasure being part of this team.  Please let us know what works for you and where we can make improvements to Ohloh.

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Mars-One Round 3 Candidate. Engineer on the Open Hub development team at Black Duck Software. Family man, athlete, inventor

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