April 2, 2014 — New Deploy with new Claim Commits workflow

We are bursting to announce a new deploy today with a major upgrade to Ohloh!

We have heard that it is really annoying that the People search results page shows account holders and unclaimed committer IDs mixed together, which makes things harder to find what you’re looking for — either an account holder on Ohloh or an unclaimed committer ID.

We have heard from quite a number of folks who have complained that claiming commits on Ohloh is too time-consuming, especially when one is a prolific open source contributor.

People - Ohloh

New People Search Results Page

We have heard, and are delighted to announce a significant new improvement to the People Search Results Pages and the Claim Commits workflow.

Now when you search for people on Ohloh, we will show you a search results page that lets you see both types of categories, neatly arranged. We select the top three matches based upon relevance.

You can choose to drill down further and see more account holders. Or, you can choose to drill down further and see more unclaimed committer IDs.

We show you key summary information for the account holders: A great big gravatar, a bit of their self-description, if they manage a project or how many, the number of commits and the their top 3 languages and projects. And, of course, their Kudo Rank.

Or, if you’ve found your committer ID and want to claim all the committer IDs on the projects displayed, just click on the “Claim These Contributions” button and we will give you an opportunity to fill in your title and some notes for each committer ID, and the second click on the blue button will claim all the IDs.

Hover over the wells with the unclaimed ID’s and you can de-select the projects in the list you don’t want to claim.

We are really excited!  Now, folks like the outstanding Brian Cardarella can claim his contributions to 54 different projects with only three clicks instead of, uh, fifty four times three or four is … a lot.  Yep, a lot.

Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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